Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Around the Internets

A couple of things:

1) Mr. Wexell is not very happy with Coach Cowher. I agree. Cowher's cornered the market on really dumb in-game decisions this season. He's been such a hog about it Jim Mora Jr., who's usually good for five or six idiotic decisions -- didn't screw up once Sunday. That's a problem.

2) Just in case you needed another reason for hating network television's NFL coverage. I say just replace the guys in the booth with Stephen Hawking's voice already loaded with a bunch of pre-recorded canned responses. I mean, that's basically what Nantz does now anyway.

3) ESPN is still reporting that Roethlisberger had a concussion and Ed Bouchette reported otherwise yesterday. Call it what you want, Big Ben probably shouldn't play this week. And if Pittsburgh can't beat Oakland without him, well, let's just call it a season already. Speaking of all this silliness ...

4) Adam Gretz puts it all in perspective:
ESPN is reporting that not only does Ben have a concussion, he also has a 140 degree temperature and is pooping rasberry preserves.

I can't believe it either.
Yep, unbelievable.