Monday, September 25, 2006

The Day After

I think it says a whole hell of a lot when everybody in the local media thinks Cowher is out of his mind for putting Colclough on punt return duty. To me, this might be the worst coaching job of his career. And I'm not sure I'm not kidding. AOL blogger JJ Cooper has a nice little roundup including this gem from Joey Porter on how he felt following Colclough trying to field a punt with his face:
"I know you're smarter than that," Porter said. "Don't ask me a question you know the answer to. What did you think I was mad about? You fill in the blank on that one. We're too much of a veteran team to make mistakes like that. You're fighting through a game, that happens, and, of course, you're not happy about it. I don't know anybody that would be happy about that."
If nothing else, Cowher shouldn't have to worry about people convincing him to stay another season if he decides to retire after Week 17.

In other news, Bengals players are really, really stupid.