Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Paging Mr. Jacobs

Finnegans Wake left this question in the comments:
Yo, Ryan, what's up with your boy Wex serving up the head of Omar Jacobs this early into camp? He says Jacobs is in danger of being cut because he's struggling with the playbook and getting out of the huddle. Ummm, he's a rookie, right? And when he throws he looks damned good, right? So how about we let the next couple of weeks play out before making these asinine proclamations, Jimmy?

I was very happy to see the Jacobs signing, and think he'll be a great addition to the team. We may not fully realize his value till next year, but doesn't it seem reasonable that if the light goes on for this kid, it might be a couple of weeks into the process?
FW is referring to this story on SCI where Jim Wexell writes:

Quarterback Omar Jacobs must improve his grasp of the offense or the fifth-round pick will be cut in favor of Shane Boyd. That’s what sources at training camp are saying, and the revelation has nothing to do with Steelers coach Bill Cowher using Boyd instead of Jacobs with the second team in the one-minute drill that ended Monday’s practice.
I wouldn't call that serving up Omar's head on a platter since Jim Wexell cites a source from training camp. It's not like he's Smizik and just speculating. Plus, Jacobs admits to struggling with the offense:

"It’s like learning a new language,” he said. "You go into Spanish class for the first time and you’re like, huh? Then you slowly, gradually learn.

"It’s a lot of motion and formation changes; that’s the main thing. Then you have to play with new guys for the first time so you have to get their timing down, and offense is timing. Ben [Roethlisberger] and Hines [Ward] are on the same page; they know where each other’s going to be at all times. A backup quarterback is kind of judging when his receiver’s going to come out of his route. It’s hard to get the timing right now."
When I was at camp last week Wex mentioned that Jacobs was having trouble picking up the offense and I was shocked. In the four practices I saw I thought Jacobs looked great. Apparently, throwing a football 70 yards in the air is only impressive to guys like me who don't know a whole lot about football. Actually knowing the plays is important too. Now, if Jacobs could throw a football through the uprights from midfield on one knee, then we might be on to something.

I liked the Jacobs pick in April, and he looks to have all the tools (Ouch. It physically hurt to type that cliché), but if Shane Boyd is better -- and just a few years older -- why not keep him?