Monday, June 26, 2006

I'm Back ... for Now

Okey doke, I've been sporadically MIA for most of the summer and, as best I can tell, that's a consequence of a couple of things:

(a) The NFL draft ended in late April and other than Santonio Holmes' exploits, football news is basically nonexistent. (And yes, I know, I could slap together a few Offseason Round Files, but I'm holding off until the day before training camp and just throwing them all up at once.)

(b) I have no real desire to talk about the Red Sox. I watch every game, but unlike recent seasons, there are no Kevin Millars or Mark Bellhorns who make it a lot easier to write mean things. What, am I going to bust up Doug Mirabelli because he can't hit? And Matt Clement's now on the DL -- it's listed as arm trouble, but I'm wagering on mental instability.

(c) Extreme laziness. Big surprise, right?

Alright, with my unannounced summer vacation last week, let's see how many days in a row I can post at least something (and right now, the over/under is set at 0, so place your bets). And yes, I'll have some World Cup thoughts -- especially the U.S. stuff -- too. (And like most things here, they'll be very timely, I know.)


As a show of good faith, I'll put forward another Really Random Steelers Question (brought to you by Randy Steele):

Q: Does anybody actually think the Steelers should cut Santonio Holmes? There have been some grumblings from fans about such blasphemy, but I wonder if anybody's actually serious about it. If nothing changes, I can't envision a scenario where that makes sense. Yes, the guy has used very poor judgment, but releasing him is basically saying, "Our scouts suck, and we're willing to wash our hands of a first-round pick after two months -- not two months into the regular season, two months after the draft." And the Steelers are actually pretty deep at WR this year assuming Quincy Morgan is healthy and Lee Mays is cut, so it's not like they'd be cutting LG or OLB.

... And here's the bonus question:

Q: I was watching the NFL Network last night and there was a piece about the 1998 draft, and half of it focused on Peyton Manning in particular. I know people love to hate this guy, but I actually kinda like him in a Greek tragedy sort of way. Seriously, he seems like a solid guy, doesn't get arrested at 3AM in South Beach, doesn't get accused of domestic violence and is a top-5 NFL quarterback. Yes, he's not done very well in the playoffs, but -- and this is an attempt at a serious question -- why to people hate this guy so much? And don't say the Manning face. That's Reason No. 1 to love the guy.