Wednesday, May 24, 2006


I think it says something when my wife asks me "So, do you write about baseball anymore?" Apparently, watching the Red Sox games with me isn't enough. She actually wants me to write about it too. Well, the season's only 40-something games old, so I've got plenty of time to catch up on that. The Cliff's Notes version:

This team is a billion times better than the 2004 team; I love the infield, even if Alex Gonzalez can't hit; I love Wily Mo Pena; and Beckett, Schilling, Timlin and Papelbon are about as good as it gets.

Willie Harris is not very good; Rudy Seanez is worse -- in fact, he might be the worst player in baseball; Lenny DiNardo not only throws 83-mph fastballs, he also throws them consistently out of the strike zone; Keith Foulke is an enigma. I want the guy to do well, but he ocasionally has these monumental implosions on the mound that's tough to watch.

... To continue my whining about other people whining -- and speculating -- about Joey Porter's knee/contract/state-of-mind, let me just say this: I don't care. I don't care if Porter is holding out for more money. In fact, good for him. If he thinks he deserves a raise, then he should hold out. If the Steelers don't think he's worth it, then they should trade him/cut him/tell him as much. This doesn't mean Porter's selfish and it doesn't mean the Steelers are miserly. This is a business. And why fans just assume that a player is being selfish or greedy because he thinks he's worth more to the organization than what his current contract pays him is beyond me. I could see if we were dealing with T.O. here, but we're not. In fact, other than Bouchette telling us his source told him that Porter is unhappy with his contract, all we know is that he's having knee surgery. Big whoop.

... Here's Wexell's latest column -- why the Seahawks are still whining (this is today's theme, apparently), and how some of the Steelers feel about it. If you want to focus your attention on someone who's a detriment to their team, Mike Holmgren's your guy. Dude, let it go. Don't you have a season to prepare for? Jeebus.