Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Savior

Look, I detest the Ravens as much as the next guy, but hatred aside, is there any real reason to think Steve McNair will single-handedly will this team to the playoffs? Or better yet, improve them enough to win nine -- or even eight -- games? I know this was taken up last Friday, but Sterling Sharpe was on "Total Access" last night and after hearing him talk about the AFC North for 2006, it's clear to me why he's the Dumbest Guy in Sports Television reigning champion.

Although he was down on the Steelers for most of last season, he at least admitted that they were favorites this year. Pittsburgh might end up winning six games -- nobody expected it in 2003 -- but I think most reasonable people can agree that they're frontrunners in the division for now, at least with Carson Palmer still injured.

Anyway, Sharpe goes on to say that the Ravens -- especially if they get McNair -- could pose the biggest threat to the Steelers and should be a legitimate playoff contender. Uh, okay.

Did I miss something? What exactly has changed from the end of last season? Kemoeatu's now in Carolina and Baltimore drafted his replacement. Tony Weaver is now in Texas, and Baltimore signed old-timer Trevor Pryce to replace him. They still don't have a safety and virtually no depth in the secondary. Ray Lewis is done and the offensive line still sucks. Even with McNair -- even with Tom Brady -- this team isn't that good.

I'm sure part of this is my blinding dislike for this team, but isn't this the same conversation all the "pundits" were having last year at this time? And didn't a few of them pick the Ravens to go to the Super Bowl? Just asking. (/end rant).

I'll try to scare something up quiz-related later this week.