Friday, May 19, 2006

More of Nothing

Alright, not much going on, but I got an 80% in this week's quiz.

... In other news, Troy Edwards is so bad that the Jaguars opted to sign former Grambling QB -- and worse -- former Ravens wideout/backup long snapper, Randy Hymes. I can't find a link Here's the link. (Note the part about the Ravens adding more depth at linebacker by signing the fourth overall pick in the draft ... the CFL draft. Jeebus.) Adam Schefter reported last night that Edwards was invited to work out with the Jags. When you're a former first-rounder who loses your job to a backup long snapper, you might want to think about another line of work.

... And speaking of general ridiculousness, I found this on the Steeler Nation Message board:
"[Mark Madden] said that he's heard that Troy Polamalu will not re-sign here after his contract is up, that he will sign with a team on the West Coast because his wife is from there and she wants to live there."
Gotta love Madden. I didn't hear him say this, so maybe it's not true. Either way, it's still a chance to make fun of him. Madden is the guy who admits to only watching the Steelers from the comfort of his oversized couch, so I wonder where he gets all his info. I won't lose much sleep over this, but this is what we're forced to talk about in May.

... I know I haven't talked much (okay, not at all) about baseball, but I found Rowdy's take on Bronson (or Brandon, your choice), Jack and being disrespectful to be right on the mark.