Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A Couple of Things

There was some discussion yesterday about Pittsburgh's chances of trading for T.J. Duckett during Day 2 of last month's draft. UFB got it started:
"When the Falcons demanded a 2007 third-round draft choice for Duckett, the Steelers passed..."

Maybe I'm crazy, but I still say Duckett is worth a 3. He shows flashes of brilliance when allowed to play.
At the time, I would've been happy with the Steelers giving up some second day picks, especially since they had so many. But a third-rounder seems kinda high given the going rate for other players (Culpepper was worth a two, Harrington a six, McNair will probably be a fourth). I know I've said this a million times, but running backs are a dime a dozen. Duckett is the "prototypical Pittsburgh back" but he also has a history of injuries, and the team already has their guy to fill that role: Duce Staley. In fact, in 2004, both players had similiar numbers. Yeah, Duckett is younger, but that still doesn't make him worth a third-rounder. And more importantly, the Steelers had other, more pressing needs than running back.

With their two third-rounders they got the second half of the duo responsible for replacing Randle El and added depth at safety. Running backs are easy to replace. Just ask Quentin Griffin.

Something else worth discussing (or at least I think it's worth discussing) is this from Jim Wexell (it's a free read although I think you should all be forced to pay for it). It's a nice story about Nate Washington, who'll start training camp as the #3. The more I think about the final roster (and it's May, so who isn't thinking about what the roster will look like in late August?) the more I'm guessing the Steelers will keep six wideouts: Hines, Cedrick, Nate, Santonio, Willie Reid and Quincy (I have a sneaking suspicion that Morey is gone). Anyway, if Nate was ever to take advantage of a situation, the 2006 season would be it. Holmes and Reid are rookies, and rookie WRs are notoriously slow to pick things up in the NFL, and Morgan is returning from injury. Plus, Washington is Roethlisberger's only "big target" after Heath Miller and Ben seems to like throwing to big targets. (Okay, Nate's not really "big"; but he's definitely among the tallest of the wideouts.)

Either way, we'll find out in 10 short weeks. Jeebus.

Oh, and one more thing. I just read this in the Tribune-Review:
Safety Tyrone Carter, whose brother didn't show up to prison last January so he could watch Tyrone and the Steelers make their run to the Super Bowl, politely declined discussing the matter yesterday. His brother, Tank Carter, had his sentence for driving with a revoked license increased from six months to five years because he failed to show up at the scheduled time.

"We're working on it now," Tyrone Carter said. "So other than that, I'm about football right now."
Joe Bendel must have a death wish.