Thursday, April 21, 2005


There's not a log going on, but here goes:

This is funny:
"being current student in chapel hill, i can bear witness to the fact that raymond felton has recently purchased a champagne colored 2005 jaguar x-type, complete with 20 inch chrome spinning rims and a very very loud sound system.

the tv reports are not official, but you can take felton's new toy for what its worth.
I guess the real surprise here is that Felton got a Jaguar. You don't see that too often among the NBA-types. Usually you see guys rolling around in Hummers or Mercedes, so I give Felton some credit for mixing it up.

And then there's this little nugget that I came across on
Inside sources, close to the North Carolina program, informed Tuesday morning that UNC forwards Marvin Williams and Sean May will both enter the 2005 NBA draft.
You can read the whole thing here. If this is true, it looks like UNC will be starting over in October. Of course, having four freshman, three of whom are McDonald's All-Americans, doesn't hurt, plus it'll be interesting to see what Reyshawn Terry can do when he plays 20-plus minutes a game. The real question will be if Quentin Thomas can do a lot of improving this summer since it looks like he'll be running the team now.

I'm thankful for a lot of things, but in terms of sports-related thankfulness, not being a Redskins fan might be in the top-3. To say this organization is run by a bunch of monkeys is unfair to monkeys. Two days ago, there were rumors that the Redskins were looking to trade their 9th overall pick to the Radiers for perennial underachiever CB Phillip Buchanon and a later round pick. Nominal general manager (this is how Kornheiser described him the other day) Vinny Cerrato disputed the rumors and said on that under no circumstances would Washington be trading their #9 pick.

Later that day, Joe Gibbs said in no uncertain terms that Washington was keeping it's options open and would listen to all offers -- basically contradicting Cerrato's earlier press release. So what does Cerrato do? He says he was misquoted -- by his own organization!

Let me get this straight. This team can't even manage press releases and they want people to believe they know how to run a team without a real GM and a coach that was last successful when "Family Matters" was still on the air? Um, OK. To make matters worse, yesterday the Redskins traded their 2006 first and fourth round picks to Denver for the Broncos #25 pick this season.

Here's my question: Should a team who won six games last season, lost three big contributors during the offseason, and won a whopping six games in 2004 be trading future considerations? I could see if this team was a player or two away from being a Super Bowl contender, but their not. Now, unless they finish as one of the top-10 teams in 2005, Denver will get the better end of this deal -- kind of like the last time these two teams got together (you know, Clinton Portis for Champ Bailey and a 2nd round pick). And in all honesty, I wouldn't be surprised if the Broncos ended up with a top-10 pick in 2006 while the Redskins will be without a first and fourth round pick.

Sillier still are the rumors that Washington might take a QB with their new #25 pick. I can't believe this is true, even the organization that treated us to the Mark Brunell Experiment. Patrick Ramsey may not be Sonny Jurgensen, but he ain't Tim Hasselbeck either. And on a team full of question marks, I'm not sure drafting a guy that can't play for two or three seasons is in the best interest of the team. I hope, just for the sake of not wanting to witness this slow-motion train wreck, that the Redskins have a plan. Maybe all this maneuvering will make sense after the draft. Somehow I just don't see it happening.