Thursday, January 06, 2005

Two Quick Things

This post from Honest Wagner might be the funniest thing I've read in a while:

New Blog Name
Today we announce that we are changing the blog name to Los Angeles Wagner of Honest. The name change will strengthen the blog's long-term economic health by enhancing the marketability through this metropolitan area and beyond. This change is effective January 5, 2004.
Which led to one reader leaving this comment:

Makes as much sense as calling the Steelers the Pittsburgh Steelers of Monroeville...

Last week I wrote a post about some of the bizarre phrases people Googled that eventually led them to this site. Anyway, one of the phrases someone used was "Plaxico Burress arrested girlfriend" to which I wrote the following:

"...I'm glad to see that when he's not playing, Plax has time to make citizen's arrests on his girlfriend."

Well, in yesterday's Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, I read this about the attempted robbery at Plaxico's townhouse:

A man accused of stealing $63,000 in cash and jewelry from Plaxico Burress' townhouse had a previous run-in with the Steelers wide receiver, police said Tuesday.

Alfred Collymore, of Penn Hills, who was arrested with two Westmoreland County men after Sunday's burglary in upscale Washington's Landing on the North Side, was present during a May 21, 2003, fight between Burress and his fiancee's brother, Amos Lamar Glenn, police said.

Police say Glenn, Collymore, 21, and another man showed up at the townhouse with a baseball bat after Burress's fiancee, Tiffany Glenn, called her brother. No charges were filed in the fight, police said.

Hmmm. So maybe somebody knew something about Plax, his girlfriend's family, and civil disputes. Coincidence? Who knows (and who cares?)? But maybe the real question should be, why is Plax getting in fights with future relatives? I'm not Dr. Phil (I don't have a fake psychology degree either), but maybe that's a sign that he shouldn't be marrying into this group (I can see it now, you go to the Burress/Glenn wedding and the Source Awards break out). But hey, 15 years ago you could've said the same thing about O.J., so what do I know.

Either way, I'm waiting for someone to find this site after Googling something like, "Steelers beat Pats 78-0, Brady cries," or "Ray Lewis and Kyle Boller outed at SpongeBob movie," or I'd even settle for, "Steelers win their fifth Super Bowl."