Monday, October 11, 2004

To good to pass up

This is priceless. Here's what Michael Wilbon said in his column today about my main man, Kyle Boller:

The Ravens, because Kyle Boller is so incomprehensibly bad, knew they not only had to stop the Redskins but put points on the board, too. "We're a really hard defense to run on," linebacker Suggs said, "and a very hard defense to score on. And when we're scoring ourselves, we're a pretty hard team to beat."

(Imagine if the Ravens had come away with Byron Leftwich on draft day 2003 instead of Boller. They'd be en route to a 13-3 season now instead of struggling every single week to just move the chains. And only Heaven knows what they'll do for two games, particularly the one in Philly, without Jamal Lewis -- whom the NFL should have suspended for more than two games and who should be serving his plea-bargained time now, not at his convenience at the end of the season.)
What's interesting, is that today's print edition of the Washington Post is slightly different than the online version cited above, but the underlying theme remains the same. But just in case, I'll reprint it here as well:

If the Ravens wind up at 8-8 or worse this season, you can bet it'll be because they don't have a professional quarterback. Boller, a complete stud as an athlete, is a dud as a quarterback. So far, he's terrible. If the Ravens had pulled off the draft-day deal to select Byron Leftwich as Ravens General Manager Ozzie Newsome tried to do, the Ravens would be in a position to go, oh, 13-3 this season.

But some bad luck on draft day (the Vikings' phone line was busy) and Coach Brian Billick's good vibes about a strong-armed kid out at Cal gave the Ravens Boller at the end of the day, and goodness wasn't that a bad swap up to this point. Boller isn't just not good, he's Heath Shuler bad. He's so bad through five games this season you wonder if he'll ever be any good, if he's beyond help even though he's playing for a good coach in Billick. A defense as good as the Ravens' has to despise playing with a quarterback this inept, no matter what the defensive players say publicly.
Wow. that's about as candid as you get get. When someone compares you to Heath Shuler, it's probably not a good thing. But in the spirit of fairness, here's what David Steele, of the Baltimore Sun says about Boller (OK, it's not really fair, but it's definitely funny).

Adding insult to injury, Len Pasquarelli piles on with his criticism of Boller:

The Baltimore Ravens defeated the Washington Redskins on Sunday night despite having a quarterback who completed one pass, for all of four yards, in the second half. Kyle Boller, quite frankly, is abysmal. On the other hand, Brad Johnson was the No. 3 "emergency" quarterback for the Tampa Bay Bucs on Sunday afternoon. And the league trading deadline comes Tuesday at 4 p.m. ET. So, how are these far-flung factoids all sort of loosely connected? Here's how: Please, Ravens officials, if you plan to continue putting viewers through the misery of watching the wretched Boller in prime time, cut a deal for Johnson, who desperately wants to be rescued from the clutches of Jon Gruden.
OK, seriously, how do people really feel about Boller?