Saturday, September 04, 2004

Is it a win-win or a lose-lose?

You may have noticed that the subtitle of this blog has changed temporarily to commemorate the week 1 battle of the ages: William & Mary vs. UNC. Now I don't follow college football all that closely but this game was of particular interest to me because of the obvious rivalry (Actually, I really wasn't interested at all, if for no other reason than my alma mater, W&M is a Division I-AA school while the Tarheels are a very bad Division I school -- but in the spirit of school spirit, I'll forge on).

Not surprisingly(?), the Tribe lost 49-38, but they gave a valiant effort (even though they surrendered roughly 350 yards on the ground). So despite the loss, I've bestowed upon them the highest of compliments -- having this goofy weblog temporarily named after them.

I just hope they can live up to this honor.

PS: I removed the witty W & M reference in the subtitle, but just so you don't feel slighted, here's what it looked like (those are 10 seconds of your life you'll never get back, and for that I apologize).