Monday, September 06, 2004

Hines for President!

I spend a good part of my time lamenting the fact that ESPN has gone in the crapper. That said, I must confess that I still get ESPN the Magazine in the hopes that for $12 a year I'll somehow squeeze my money's worth out of it. Well, that day finally arrived. The most recent issue of the Magazine has a goofy interview with Hines Ward and his responses were pretty funny. You can click on the picture above and ruin your vision trying to make out the Q & A or you can just read my favorites below.

What was the last...

Big Purchase I Made: I have a 6-month old son, Jaden. He's changed my life. So before training camp, I got a giant diamond dog tag with his name on it. It's 4 carats and cost five figures.

Time I Laughed Hard: Yesterday. Jerome Bettis was so tired, he couldn't even ride his bicycle. So he just got off and started walking it. It was level ground. How much energy does that take. Hilarious.

Dream I Remember: I was watching George Bush on TV the other day, and I fell asleep and dreamed I was running for president. There I was on the podium, talking about nothing. Just like Bush.
Funny stuff.