Sunday, July 18, 2004

One more sign that ESPN is headed for the Crapper

Last week at Off Wing Opinion, Eric talked about how Sportscenter has declined precipitously and how the network's once-solid reputation as a news organization is slipping. Well, this most recent happening only made things worse (at least in my mind).

I just turned on ESPNradio expecting to hear Mel Kiper and Andy Pollin, the usual weekend hosts of GameDay. Much to my chagrin Mark Madden was hosting the national show. Interestingly, Madden was much more subdued and calculated in his remarks than he usually is on his local Pittsburgh radio show. Nonetheless, it's still curious as to why ESPN would chose Madden to fill in when there are any number of other radio voices who are more capable.

His selection leads me to one of two conclusions. Either every other fill-in was sick or on vacation, or ESPN actually likes Madden's schtick, in which case 'the Network' has added one more reason for people to turn to other sources for their sports news.