Friday, August 20, 2004

Plax, the F650 & Prophecies

I predicted last month that Plax might have trouble navigating his new ride in an urban (or if you're in Latrobe, suburban) landscape. Well, my prescience even surprises me. This is from Thursday's Post-Gazette, courtesy of Ed Bouchette (subscription req.):

"Most of you probably did not see nor hear the report on a television and radio in Pittsburgh about Plaxico Burress. They actually reported that state police stopped Burress in his monster truck mere yards before the entrance to St. Vincent College. It was reported that Burress was issued a warning about his driving. No ticket, no curfew violation, no nothing. Where's the "news" fellas?"
It's amazing how I have such an acute sense of things that really aren't important. How about having some dreams that presage good news (like learning the final score of a couple of football games before they're played). Just a thought.