Saturday, August 21, 2004

Hot Sauce meet Chris Duhon

There was a story in Friday's Washington Post about two local players that hope to get noticed this weekend when the And 1 tour comes to DC.

Currently, Charles "Easy" Hairston and Byron "Buck" Sharper (both 23 yrs. old) work in the moving business, but both entertain thoughts of living the life of a full-time streetballer.

It's "a chance to shine," Hairston says. "Street credibility. The people I grew up with seeing me. Everything is about getting love from the streets."
Hey, I wish these guys all the luck in the world, because I'm the guy who can watch a three-season "Streetball" marathon on ESPN2 in one afternoon.

And while no one has ever confused me with having street cred, I might offer Buck Sharper some advice. If you want to earn street cred, I would suggest losing the Duhon shirt. I mean honestly, guys like Steve Wojciechowski and Chris Collins had more street cred at Duke than Duhon.

One option would be to reverse Duhon's "21" and make it a "12" and voila -- instant street cred by way of a Wojciechowski throwback.