Friday, July 09, 2004

One more reason ACC expansion is a bad idea

From the Raleigh News & Observer:
The ACC won't officially release its 2004-05 basketball schedule until next month, but Wake Forest coach Skip Prosser confirmed Tuesday that Wake and North Carolina will meet only once, in Winston-Salem.

The traditional home-and-home series was a casualty of the league's addition of Miami and Virginia Tech.
Sweet. Now the Tarheels can create a made-for-television rivalry with the likes of Virginia Tech, Miami and Boston College.

How can you have a conference so large that the teams in that conference can't play a home and away series every season? Is that too much to ask? Might it be the case that the conference is too big? But hey, the good news is the conference -- and the conference members -- will be raking in the dough like never before. And the only expense -- old-school rivalries and a little ACC history. Awful.