Saturday, July 10, 2004

Millar masters geography

Since Pedro Martinez wasn't named to the All-Star team, and declined an offer to replace injured Tim Hudson, he was granted permission by the Red Sox higher-ups to head home three games before the break.

Personally, I have no problem with it since Martinez isn't scheduled to pitch again until after the break, and he was very professional about asking for the time off -- and after some consideration (and checking with Theo) Francona sent Martinez on his way with the team's blessing.

" expected to spend time with his young son, who underwent a surgical procedure in February, and visit his parents and siblings. It will mark the first time he has returned home since two of his uncles died."
Like I mentioned, I think it's great that Pedro will have an opportunity to visit his family (and the Red Sox have obliged) during the season. The only part of this story that is troubling, concerns comments made by my favorite punching bag, Kevin Millar:

"That's fine because Pedro already pitched," Kevin Millar said. "When you live overseas like that and get a chance to go see your family, go for it. Starting pitchers, once they pitch, you're better off sending them home anyway because they're the non-athletes on the team."
The last sentence is actually funny -- especially given that Millar is not your typically-shaped athlete. What's worrisome is that Millar thinks the Dominican Republic is "overseas."

Maybe I'm splitting hairs here, but from Miami you can virtually see the Dominican Republic (it's actually about 400 miles). Maybe I misread the story and Pedro now lives in France -- in which case Millar would be right.


Beyond the sea; abroad.

Of, relating to, originating in, or situated in countries across the sea.
I'm sure Millar was misquoted (or drunk). But just in case maybe he should use the three days off to study a map -- or even better, take some ground balls at first base.