Friday, June 04, 2004

Random stuff

Tarheels sign point guard
According the the Raleigh News & Observer G Bobby Frasor, a rising senior at Chicago's Brother Rice High, has committed to play in Chapel Hill in 2005. Frasor said he made his decision after visiting with players on campus.
"Talking with the players, hearing things they were saying, how great Coach Williams is, I had a great feeling. It's where I felt comfortable...I thought: [Carolina] has great academics, a great coach, great players, great tradition."
And, when you leave, you'll actually have a better chance of becoming a successful NBA player than if you had attended Duke. Another good omen that Frasor might have a professional future is that Duke never even recruited him.

Ray-Ray rips T.O.
Terrell Owens likes to be the center of attention and maybe that's why he wanted out of Baltimore so bad. Well Ray Lewis still holds a grudge against Owens and the good thing for him (and very bad for T.O.) is that they play each other in late October.

According to FoxSports, Lewis, appearing on Sporting News Radio's Tim Brando Show, ripped into Owens for his handling of the situation, saying:
"Sooner or later he's gonna have to run into me one way or the other. It's hard to respect guys that pose and do things like that...He is a man that went against his word...He did so many wrong things in the process of treating it like a business. He didn't treat it like a business and it put a lot of people in jeopardy and it created a lot of controversy and it was unnecessary."
Kind of like being accused of murder, but worse.

Signs that Kurt Warner may still be hurt
Warner, who just signed with the Giants and will battle for the starting QB spot made some comments at yesterday's press conference that lead me to believe that his thumb might be fine, but he still may have some lingering effects from all those concussions.
"This team is built for success. There are a lot of pieces in place to make a run for the championship now. It was that combination that made me excited about this opportunity."
Warner does know he signed with the Giants, right? They were 4-12 last season. I know, he has to say all the right things at the press conference, but that may have been stretching it just a bit. Even if Manning gets the starting nod, Warner could see the field by week six or so because the Giants have a schedule that is front-loaded with tough games. If Manning makes it through the first third of the season intact, that will be a moral victory if nothing else.