Wednesday, May 19, 2004

This guy should be Plax's mentor
From today's Washington Post:
Reds closer Danny Graves lost his wallet at the start of a West Coast trip last week and figured he would never see it again. The wallet contained his credit cards, his driver's license and about $1,400 in cash.

A man who cleaned the team's bus in San Diego not only returned the wallet and all of its contents, but took extraordinary precautions to make sure it would be safe during shipping.

"The guy kept the cash and exchanged it for traveler's checks so it wouldn't get stolen through the mail," Graves said. "It was like $1,400 in cash. He did say, 'I borrowed $26 to overnight it to you.'

"He sent his name, address and phone number. He said, 'All I ask for is could you please sign an autograph for my father.' He's going to get a little more than an autograph."