Wednesday, May 19, 2004

The new and improved Kyle Boller
According to the Baltimore Sun, Ravens QB Kyle Boller has grown into a more complete player this offseason and looks to be more of a leader in 2004. That may be, but the biggest problem facing this guy isn't opposing defenses, it's his new girlfriend. Apparently he's been dating actress Tara Reid this offseason and that's after her engagement to Carson Daly and also dating QB Tom Brady (nice wig).

How Boller moved to the front of the line is still unknown. What is known however is that when the 22 yr. old QB get's dumped by the 28 yr. old actress, the Ravens can all but mail it in. Their offense is on such thin ice as it stands, but how are they going to play when their starting QB gets dumped by Carson Daly's former fiance? Don't be surprised if Ray Lewis is the QB come November.