Wednesday, April 14, 2004

On a roll
Mike Prisuta of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review also writes today that the Steelers don't need a QB. Everyone seems to have gotten over the initial glitz and glamour associated with getting a 'franchise player' like QB Ben Roethlisberger or Philip Rivers. Franchise players, by the way, can also come in the form of dominant offensive linemen or shutdown corners. If you don't think so, just look at AFC North rival Baltimore. Jonathan Ogden is one of the best OTs in football -- just ask Jamal Lewis. Chris McAlister (when he's not getting toasted by Plax) is a shutdown corner -- and he gets help from one of the best young safeties in football, Ed Reed. Anyone remember the last time the Ravens had a franchise QB (I think it was Johnny Unitas)? Anyone remember the last time the Ravens won the Super Bowl? Here's what Prisuta has concluded, and I agree (I'm in agreement with three Pittsburgh sportswriters in one day -- a modern day record):
"For the Steelers [drafting a QB], it was a waste of time.

That's not to say Roethlisberger won't be available when the Steelers select 11th overall a week from Saturday, or that he won't make his mark in the NFL someday. But whether he's there or already gone, the Steelers would be wise to pass on Roethlisberger and the rest of the chosen-few collegians who have been designated as possible franchise NFLers and look elsewhere in the first round.

No offense to Roethlisberger or to the Mid-American Conference, but who needs him?

The same can be said for Eli Manning, Philip Rivers, J.P. Losman and anyone else the self-proclaimed draftniks have anointed as a player the Steelers "won't be able to pass on" the first time they're on the clock.

There are plenty of reasons why the Steelers should do exactly that, and address the secondary, the pass rush or the offensive line when their first turn occurs."
Now we're getting somewhere. I just hope the Steelers front office is on the same page.