Friday, April 02, 2004

Johnny Mullet speaks up
Here's what Johnny Damon said in response to a question about "...How Alex Rodriguez had seemingly gone overnight from potential Boston franchise savior to enlist as the newest Yankee mercenary":
"I was shocked. He signed to play with the Devil." (From today's Boston Globe)
If it makes you feel any better as a Red Sox fan, JC at Sabernomics takes a look at the impact (both on the field and financial) of the A-Rod / Soriano trade. He finds that it was a pretty even deal if you're talking about production in relation to price. He estimated how a team full of A-Rods would do when compared to a team full of Sorianos. Over the course of a season, he estimated that A-Rod would generate about 140 runs (at a salary of $16.3 million) and Soriano would generate about 95 runs (at a salary of $11 million). Doing a little math shows each players worth per dollar:
A-Rod: = 8.57 runs per million
Soriano: = 8.51 runs per million
Of course that just means that A-Rod's salary is commensurate with his production when compared to Soriano's salary and his production. It doesn't really say anything about comparing their raw statistics (HR, RBI...etc). But that's OK, I won't start bemoaning the plight of the Red Sox fan just yet -- it's still spring training and the Yankees are tied with the Devil Rays in the East. I'll take that.