Monday, March 29, 2004

And the Duhon lovefest continues
The New York Times has an article today about what an integral part Chris Duhon played in the the Blue Devils 66-63 victory over Xavier yesterday. I've heard more than enough about how Duhon 'does the little things' to help Duke win (since it appears he can't do the big things like score or minimize ill-advised passes).

I don't deny being a Tarheel fan, and I should be rightly accused of being biased (and maybe jealous), but come on, this guy ain't that good. Make a list of the top point guards in the ACC and Duhon finishes no better than fifth (John Gilcrest, Jarret Jack, Ray Felton and Chris Paul). Has he made some big plays this year? Sure. He beat UNC on a last second layup. But just because you dive into the stands and hurt your ribs, or you're able to jump into the air, catch the ball and call a timeout doesn't mean you're a great player. But don't believe me, take a look at the numbers:

NAME SCHOOL G A/T ratio Stl avg Pts FT%
Duhon DUKE 32 2.1 2.3 9.9 0.726
Jack GTECH 32 1.9 1.9 12.7 0.794
Gilchrist UM 30 1.6 1.8 15.6 0.702
Felton UNC 28 2.1 2.1 11.5 0.806
Paul WAKE 28 2.1 2.8 14.2 0.842
Duhon is tied for first in assists-to-turnover ratio, third in steals, fifth in points and fourth in free throw percentage when compared to the four best point guards in the ACC. Am I missing something? These numbers are good, but they're certainly not great. Duhon has been a solid player for Duke, especially in that system, but why he's winning every award available isn't clear. He's a solid college point guard, but he shouldn't be a first team All-ACC or a third team All-American. Daniel Ewing was the only Duke starter left off the All-ACC teams, but I don't think anyone would argue that they would choose Duhon over Ewing.

Maybe I'm confused, maybe Duhon is terminal and this is an effort to make his last few days on earth pleasurable ones. If that's the case, then count me in -- I'm all for it. But if Duhon is a normal, healthy 21 year old, then I don't have any idea why he keeps winning awards and being named to All-Everything teams. And I admit it, I'm a biased UNC fan, but a quick look at his stats don't exactly offer resounding support either.