Monday, January 04, 2010

Draft Talk!

A few things:

* I'm all for hiring Bobby April ASAP, appearances of scapegoating be damned. Special teams is a huge problem and I don't think Ligashesky would be shocked if he got canned.

* Count me among those who are ambivalent about Bruce Arians. The Browns game was a debaclement and I have no idea why he refused to use Mendenhall as a pass catcher for most of the season, but it's not like the offense was the reason for all the fourth-quarter collapses. There are bigger concerns, I think.

* Finally -- and I'm half-kidding because it would never happen, but suspend reality for the sake of conversation -- would you trade the Steelers' 2010 first-round pick for Josh Cribbs, straight up? I would and I'm serious. He's the best returner in the league, he's a threat on offense, and he's the best returner in the league.

Did I mention he's the best returner in the league? Cribbs is worth what, a couple points a game? If the Cowboys are willing to part with a first-rounder for Roy Williams, this seems like a no-brainer. (Of course, you could argue that the Cowboys are stupid, which I would conveniently ignore.)