Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Waterheads Will One Day Rule the Earth

Hello, fellow HSS-ers! This is your weekly thread update!

So I was just reading through the comments from the previous thread (posted SUNDAY!) and somehow the discussion turned to the frequency of posts. Yeah, I got nothin'. When I started this thing back in 2004 (I really can't believe I've been sorta doing this for five-plus years; that's insane on any number of levels) I was fresh out of grad school, just started a "real" job (one that required me to leave the house), and had loads of time on my hands. Now, as a stay-at-home blogger/dad/puppy owner/(other excuses here) I have a lot less time. It's weird, frankly.

Oh, and I'm chronically lazy. Plus, in all honesty, the conversation isn't "what does Ryan think!?" it's "what do the folks who frequent this site think?" It's better that way. You know that, of course, but I thank you for pretending that I'm important.

I'll take it.


P.S. I'll repeat what I wrote last thread: FWP is done in Pittsburgh after this year. I'm not necessarily excited about it -- he was a fantastic story and his '05 season was a lot of fun to watch -- just the reality for a mediocre back in the NFL.

Okay, my fingers are tired. Expect another post in two weeks or so.