Monday, October 05, 2009

45 Minutes of Kick-Ass Football

Ryan Mundy, the Limas Sweed of special teams, everybody! Yes, probably a bit harsh, but my head almost exploded when he got five-holed by that Sunday hop on the onside kick. I actually might have dropped more f-bombs in the seconds after that play than on Limas' TD-that-wasn't last week.

I know, the Steelers won, and don't misunderstand, I'm ecstatic about it, but more than any concerns about the defense or the dropped passes on offense are the fourth-quarter mental lapses. No way in hell I come up with Stefan Logan's hidden ball trick followed by getting Mundy-ed.

Whatever, Pittsburgh's 2-2 and Rashard Mendenhall went bonkers on a Chargers team missing Jamal Williams. I'm sure everybody will be talking about that performance -- and Fast Wilbur's absence -- this morning, but it's worth pointing out that FWP went for 146 yards in last season's divisional game.

Two more random things: I wrote about the game for FanHouse. And did anybody else think that Mike Wallace only got one foot in bounds on that first quarter play on the opening drive that led to the TD?

Image via PPG