Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Casey Hampton Is Getting Cut!

I like Jason La Canfora and Charles Robinson, but both seem to think there's a chance Big Snack gets cut before the start of the season. I mean, I don't even know where to begin. Wex has the transcript of Hampton's interview, and Eddie B. wrote this morning that Dick LeBeau laughed at the notion. And yet it continues.

Robinson tweeted this earlier today:

"Don't discount buzz about Casey Hampton potentially being chopped by Steelers. It's legit. His offseason work habits have worn on the staff."

To which I responded:

@YahooSportsNFL just curious, but who's going to play NT for the Steelers without Hampton? And don't say Ziggy Hood. Please."

And Robinson came back with this:

"A Hoke/Hood rotation based on down/distance. Hood 2 small 2 be every down guy. Then again, Casey is 2 out of shape 2 be every down guy, too."

Look, I know these guys have sources (and I don't), but at some point it's worth asking if a given rumor makes any sense at all. This does not. Not to mention this tidbit from the Hampton Q&A:
Q: You played tackle in the nickel defense next to Keisel the other night. Is that new?

CH: A lot of teams last year put us in nickel defense and tried to run the ball, so they got new packages where I play on third down a lot more.

Q: Isn’t it funny that they put in new packages for you when they’re going to cut you?

CH: (Laughs) We’ll see, man. I mean, I’ll deal with it. I ain’t going to worry about it.
Look, I'm not saying Casey is in fabulous shape, but good lord, let's all take a deep breath.