Monday, February 23, 2009

Throwin' Darts

Just to keep the weekend combine conversation going:

... I don't think there's anyway Andre Smith falls to 1.32, either, but I tend to agree with Glenn: if the Steelers do their homework and have faith in the guy, then by all means. One thing that crossed my mind while thinking about this, though: how much more oversight -- both at work and socially -- does a guy like that require?

I mean, it's sort of like school teachers who have to neglect the rest of the class because they're busy dealing with the kid with ADD. By most accounts, players love Tomlin, but if his days are spent making sure Smith has batteries in his alarm clock and not actively motivating the troops or whatever, then that's a problem. But maybe there are guys on staff whose sole job it is to deal with such situations. Maybe Pacman's bodyguards are available since his career is apparently over.

... By the way, how about this: if B-Mac walks, the Steelers bring in Pacman Jones. That's a joke. Unless Pacman and Andre could room together.

... So here's what I was thinking while watching the WRs on Sunday: maybe the Steelers should take Brian Robiskie at 1.32. I don't really think that, but good lord was he impressive (in shorts and t-shirt). Mayock also compared Hakeem Nicks to Hines and Anquan Boldin which is about as nice a compliment as you can pay a wideout.

To recap: I still have no idea who Pittsburgh should grab at 1.32.