Monday, February 02, 2009

Lord Have Mercy on My Soul

That game took five years off my life. I'm pretty sure it was worth it. By the way, can you imagine where this franchise would be if they had drafted Chad Jackson back in '06?

I guess we should consider this an unofficial '09 draft thread, too, although I have a good idea of what the team needs might be. But no BA bashing, please. Act like you've been there before.

Oh, and a few more things...
  • This just went up at FanHouse;
  • RE: Hartwig hold. It was definitely questionable, but the Steelers were taking the safety had Big Ben not converted on third down. He did convert, of course, but maybe it was payback for the 2nd-down play, when FWP looked like he might've been dropped in the end zone. Whatever, I'm fine with how it worked out; it's one less thing people can whinge about. Theoretically, anyway.