Thursday, February 12, 2009

Draft Crabtree. NOW.

It sounds like everybody agrees: the Steelers should focus on the offensive/defensive line in the first round. Just like last year, but this time we really mean it. I can't envision a situation where a skill position player falls down the draft board and Pittsburgh takes him (a la Mendenhall last year). Unless ...

It won't happen -- no way -- but for the sake of discussion, assume Michael Crabtree is sitting there at 1.32, the Steelers are taking him, right? Particularly if four or five OLs are already gone? What about if the team's top OL prospect and Crabtree are still available, then what? I could see Pittsburgh still going with the WR using the same thinking they did a year ago: there are a couple ways to protect the QB. Conventially, shore up the o-line. Less conventional: stock the roster with kick-ass skill position players. Plus, it doesn't matter who's blocking, Big Ben's still taking his sacks.

I'm not saying I buy that argument, particularly if the Steelers are in position to take a potential franchise o-lineman, just making up stuff for the sake of stirring the pot. Plus, it's only February.