Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Look at the Size of That Boy's Head

(If you're so inclined, start around the 1:30 mark)

Well, in a completely unsurprising development, Big Ben has made his bulbous head the main story heading into the playoffs. I was actually talking to Gretz about this via e-mail, and he pointed out what I think most of us assume to be true: Roethlisberger loves drama, particularly when it sets him up for one of those "I told you so" moments.

And while I willingly accept most of the Roethlisberger-ian silliness that comes along with the stellar quarterbackin', sometimes I think he'd just be better off saying nothing. Between the broken toes (that weren't really broken according to Cowher), to the Thumb Gate to the latest news that his GINORMOUS head won't fit in the team-issued helmet ... well, let's just say I could do without the media coverage that will surely follow this story. (It's already started!?)

In any event, he's playing (although, frankly, I have no idea how a dude with a swollen noggin has been medically cleared to get pummeled by a bunch of fat guys for three hours). And here's to hoping he plays way. For obvious reasons (I wouldn't mind the Steelers winning), and selfish ones (I don't feel like whinging about Roethlisberger's various ailments costing this team the season).

And count me among those who'd love to see Baltimore come to town next week, Lord willing.