Thursday, January 29, 2009

Longest Week Ever

God, the wait is brutal. I actually taped NFL Network's eight hours of coverage yesterday and fast-forwarded through, well, eight hours of it.

Just a thought from someone who doesn't know anything about producing live teevee shows: DON'T LET EVERYBODY SCREAM AT THE SAME TIME. Seriously, Warren Sapp was actually more useless than usual because he just talked over everyone. Learned a lot there.

In less angry news: I talked to Matt Ryan yesterday and he was both swell and smart.

And a little something to get you pumped up, courtesy of ELSM (Ugh. When ELSM e-mailed me the pic below, it was animated. Now, not so much. I blame Blogger. Either way, you'll have to pretend there's a waving Terrible Towel. You feel pumped, right? Right?!):