Thursday, December 11, 2008

HSS Swap Meet

Hey, to take your mind off the Ravens for a couple hours, feel free to use the comments to get rid of junk you don't want. Random? Yes, but Rob D politely asked if he could hawk a Penguins t-shirt in the comments and I figured I might as well devote a whole post to it. So, swap-meet away, nerds.

Oh, and here are the details for Rob's item up for bid:

"I have a Penguins T-shirt (brand new Reebok -- pictured here) that I would like to exchange for a ..gasp..qu'elle surprise!...Steelers T of same price level.

Thought I would put it out to the list as there seems to be a pile of Penguins fans. I am a dyed in tthe wool Canadiens fan and thus unable to wear it lest my soul be condemned to the lower rung of Hades."

Commence bidding.