Sunday, September 07, 2008

Game Thread, Week 1: Houston Texans

It's time, people. I feel pretty good about today, primarily because the Steelers defense is AWESOME and Matt Schaub is not. The Texans defense should provide a nice little test for the o-line, which, I suspect, will be a theme throughout the season. (This is breaking news, by the way: the offensive line has holes.)

Also, if you're looking to kill some time, you can read the recap of The Most Bizarre Game Ever, or take a look back at the Steelers' final game of the '07 season. I'll admit it: I had given up by halftime of that debacle only to hop back on the bandwagon just in time for the ol' quarterback sneak on 4th and 6. Today's a new day, however.

Finally, please use this thread to talk about 2009 draft picks, fantasy questions, or to discuss Bruce Davis/Limas Sweed trade scenarios. (For the record, I understand why we might want to hold off on said talk, but I can also fully appreciate why we won't. And by "we", I mean "me, Cols, and ELSM.")

Commence getting it on like Donkey Kong.