Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Gene Collier Should Probably Watch His Back

I get Mike Tomlin's point, and that he called out Gene Collier, even if not by name, sorta sends a message, I think. I mean, it's one thing to acknowledge Mark Madden, or, hell, his archenemy Bob Smizik as an assclown, but pretty much everybody respects Collier for his ability to string words together in a cogent and interesting fashion.

But when he called Anthony Smith a thug, that was that. At least as far as Tomlin was concerned. And I think he was right. Look, nobody disagrees that Smith is apparently too dumb to understand the difference between practice and the game, but that doesn't qualify him as a thug. I've wasted enough time panning the guy, but Tomlin's point -- that "thug" conjures images of gang-bangin' criminal -- is perfectly legit.

Presumably, that wasn't what Collier was going for, but I'm pretty sure Tomlin's message was received, and nobody in the media will come close to equating dim-wittedness for criminal behavior. At least not until Smith decapitates one of his teammates.

In sunnier news, Byron Leftwich rulz! Apparently, the coaches are all big supporters, which is great, execpt that it could mean the end of the Chaz Batch era. That's sorta depressing. On the other hand, with Ben's injury history, it's comforting to know that the 2008 season won't be left in Brian St. Pierre's hands should Pittsburgh need to rely on their backup QB for a game or six.