Friday, August 22, 2008

Expectations, Take 3

Following up on old's comment in the previous thread, what are our expectations against the Vikes?

I'll go with the obvious: starting o-line continues to look halfway decent, and the backups -- Trai Essex and Darnell Stapleton, in particular, continue to play well. Oh, and there's Beetlejuice.

I'm interested in seeing Richard Menthol get more touches for selfish reasons, but he's been pretty good to date. (Maybe some screens to see what he can do catching the ball coming out of the backfield, and, hell, let him throw a few blocks, too.)

Limas Sweed would obviously like to quit dropping passes, but I'm not worried about him, so I'll focus my attention on seeing if Bruce Davis can a) make a special teams tackle, and b) rush the passer without the tackle pushing him 40 yards into the backfield.

And no injuries. Obviously.