Thursday, April 03, 2008

Let's Usher in the Chris Henry Era

Okay, who thinks the Steelers should go after Chris Henry? There's your ginormous wideout, Big Ben. And since you have such a hard-on for tall receivers, maybe you could be Henry's foster parent too. You know, letting him live with you, teaching him how to act like a grown up. You guys can do everything together, from going to practice to grabbing some ice cream. You in?

Or not. Either way.

In other news, the NFL admitted that they missed a holding call in the Jags game. Yeah, it sucks, but unless Mike Pereira came out and said, "we forced Mike Tomlin to call that 3rd-and-6 QB sneak, and for that we're sorry," it didn't affect the outcome (and I don't care). Because if the Steelers convert that third down the hold would never happen.

Also, if you want to blame somebody, how about Anthony Smith. Yeah, that's right, because if he hadn't gotten benched, Tyrone Carter wouldn't have gotten outrun by a 300-pound quarterback.

Oh, and you can thank Matt for the pic.