Tuesday, March 11, 2008

William & Mary, Branden Albert and B-Mac

Sorry I went missing yesterday, I spent most of the afternoon getting psyched up for the CAA finals between upstart William & Mary and conference Goliath George Mason. A victory would've given the Tribe their first trip to the NCAA's in 313 years. They lost, of course. I blame DJ, but what's one more season when you've had to wait more than 300?

In other, Steelers-related news ... well, not much is going on. Just about every mock draft has the team selecting Branden Albert. Which almost makes me think I'll be really bummed if they draft somebody else. Has there been so little variation in whom Pittsburgh might take nearly two months out from the actual draft? I suspect the proliferation of all these freaking mock drafts have something to do with it, but I could be wrong.

I guess Heath Miller was kinda clear-cut but I actually was a Matt Jones fan too (embarrassing, yes).

Anyway, J.J. Cooper points out that while o-lineman is the obvious pick, there are plenty of other needs facing the Steelers. Starting with cornerback. B-Mac's contract is up next year and although Ike and Deshea will be around for three more years, it'll probably help to have some depth. Just guessing here, but if William Gay has a decent year, they'll let B-Mac walk. I don't necessarily agree with that, but B-Mac hasn't exactly exceeded expectations. He's been adequate, and sometimes that's enough, but I was thinking he'd be a starter by now. (Of course, relatively speaking, he's been a much better second-round pick than Ricardo Colclough, so there's that.)