Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hartwig, Mahan, What's the Difference?

Just a new thread to continue the discussion: Justin Hartwig, so now what? Frankly, I have no idea. I wouldn't be surprised if the Steelers drafted a quarterback at 1.23, or traded up to get Branden Albert. And don't be shocked when Sean Mahan is the starting center in Week 1. If nothing else, 2008 won't be dull.

A less insane reaction from ELSM:
I agree with all of Eric's comments. I am very happy about the Hartwig signing, perhaps irrationally so. On the rational side, it seems 50% likely that Hartwig, Mahan or Stapleton will emerge from the competition and be at least a serviceable C. Either Mahan or Simmons or both could be cut.

If we get Albert (yes, now a big if), here's a version of the 2008 OL:
LT: Smith, Essex
LG: Albert, Kemo
C: Hartwig, Mahan, Stapleton
RG: Colon, Simmons, Hartwig
RT: Starks, Colon

I think that can be an NFL average line, which is better than I expected. And that could be enough to be a Super Bowl team.
Let's just hope out of Hartwig, Mahan and Stapleton, one of them can at least get in the way of would-be tacklers long enough for FWP/Big Ben to take one or two steps in the backfield.

Also, Kevin Colbert might want to think about petitioning the league for an HGH exemption for Mahan. Nobody deserves to be embarrassed like that on a weekly basis.