Friday, December 21, 2007

"Yikes" Taylor Has Impeccable Timing

Little late on the day-after-the-game thread, so ... here ya go. A couple of thoughts, which most of you have already discussed in the comments.

* I feel for Wilbur Parker, but at no point in the last 24 hours did I get the impending sense of doom for Pittsburgh's season associated with losing one of the team's best players. I suppose I should put this in 50-point font at the top of the page because I say it so often, but I won't -- I'll just repeat it here ... again ... for your amusement: RUNNING BACKS ARE FUNGIBLE. The question, though, is can Gary Russell (or whomever) step into Najeh's role without any drop off.

* The offensive line still sucks. That is all.

* I'll have more on the HSS Draft Project very soon. (Tomorrow hopefully).

And now, I'll leave you with these wise words from Dr. Gretz, who left this comment about, oh, four seconds before Ike Taylor made Tim very, very uncomfortable:
Defensive touchdown. Let's go. Tonight, we've had ROBO throw a first down, so, to make sure Ryan goes to bed happy, how about an Ike Pick-six?
Okay, see you nerds for CLE-CIN.