Thursday, December 06, 2007

Despicable Acts

Good news: It looks like Troy, Marvel and Santonio will all play this weekend.
Not so good news: A-Bomb (credit: SteelerBill) is making guarantees.

Frankly, I don't so much care about Smith's grand proclamations -- it's more for the media (and that HGH-addled Rodney Harrison) than it is for most people involved. Still, Potsie's comments give me pause:
Halfway across the Steelers locker room, defensive captain James Farrior practically let out a moan when he heard what Smith said.

"He has to keep his mouth shut," Farrior said.

Too late for that.

"Oh, well, I guess we have to go deal with that," Farrior said.

New England has a reputation as a team that feeds off such bravado. The Patriots upset the Steelers in the AFC championship game after the 2001 season in Heinz Field, then insisted that some talk by the Steelers leading up to the game helped motivate them.

"Yeah, they do," Farrior said of the Patriots becoming inspired by such talk. "But you know, he's a guy who hasn't been around the league too long so I don't even know if he's even qualified to say something like that. I don't know if they'll pay that any attention."
Of course, I figured the AFCD game would be a Colts blow out after Peezy's guarantee, so if you look at it that light, there's nothing to worry about. Feel better?