Thursday, October 25, 2007

God Doesn't Hate J. Peezy (As Much As Originally Thought)

Prime Minister Gretz points out the link to the Steelers All-Time team, and most interesting for me are the recent guys who made the cut:

* Jerome Bettis
* Casey Hampton
* Joey Porter
* Troy Polamalu

I'm shocked Skippy didn't make it. Probably not enough cell-phone-junk-photos. Sadly, I think this will be the best news Peezy gets all season. I've ripped him a good bit over at AOL for going sackless (until last week), but I do like the guy, and sorta feel sorry for him (as much as you can feel sorry for a guy who just signed a $20 contract).

After watching parts of the Pats-Dolphins train wreck, and then reading some of Porter's comments, I wonder if Clark Haggans has had a few "WTF" moments this season. Is it the scheme or is it the player? Mike Tomlin, of course, says players defy scheme, but either Porter's productivity fell off a cliff this summer, or it was the scheme.

More likely, it's some combination of the two, and unlike Peezy, who had a down year in '06, Haggans has been a terror through the first half of the season. Still, at this week's presser, and following another "hey, why ain't that guy playing more?" moment Sunday night, Tomlin admitted that LaMarr Woodley probably deserves some more playing time.

Given that the Steelers pash rush was inconsistent against the Broncos (I haven't re-watched the game so I don't know if LeBeau wasn't blitzing, the Denver o-line did a swell job, or if Cutler's three-step-drop-and-throw just didn't give Pittsburgh enough time), I'm all for it.


Anybody see Total Access last night? For some reason, segments of Steeler Nation despise Rich Eisen, but for me, he's one of the few bright spots in the otherwise ridiculous landscape of professional football studio buffoonery. Anyway, just read this.

Good thing the Steelers won that game, or there might have been consequences and repercussions. (Actually, that win didn't mean jackshit ... they still missed the playoffs, and if we're really being cynical, Pittsburgh might've had a legit shot at drafting Adam Carriker. And they could really use him this weekend. It's call planning, people.)

I love Pereira for his honesty, but I grow weary of all the inane NFL rules. I understand that this rule was intended to keep the offense from being deceptive, but when the officials don't call it ... well, it doesn't matter. The rule that really chaps my ass, though, is the dopey sideline force out. Why is that a judgment call? Haven't we learned that officials are horrible at going off-script? Look, two feet in = catch. Everything else = out of bounds. Problem solved (claps hands, Vegas dealer-style).