Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Eleven Months Later

Some random, after-the-bye-week meanderings:

* Remember, folks: HSS is all about inclusion. I'm fine with people linking to stuff they find interesting, even if I don't necessarily agree with it. Plus, if we weren't the Ellis Island of Steeler Nation, Tim wouldn't have a place to rail about Ike Taylor.

With that out of the way, count me among those people who actually respect Carson Palmer. I won't say he's having a great season -- he's been good, though -- but it's not like he woke up in September as Kyle Boller. And I think the guy deserves some credit for: a) coming back from that vicious (and intentional!) Kimo von Oelhoffen hit in the '05 playoffs, b) having to deal with Chad Johnson, and c) having to play for Marvin Lewis.

(Random Marvin Lewis note: apparently, he hated Bill Cowher when he coached in Pittsburgh -- he's not the only coach to feel that way, apparently -- and I'm guessing his "Big Big is a Big Baby" comments were more out of frustration to losing to this guy, than anything.)

I'm too lazy to add it up, but I suspect Big Ben's Palmer's career numbers, according to Football Outsiders, are better than Roethlisberger's but there's no way in hell I'd rather have him in Pittsburgh. i was actually thinking about that last night: of all the first-round QBs taken in 2004, Big Ben's having the best career. And I'd probably say Eli Manning, thanks to his 2007 season and Plaxico Burress, is a distant second. I've been wrong about a crapload of stuff, but I'm glad to know my anti-Philip Rivers sentiments in the months leading up to the '04 draft were warranted.

Blind squirrels, nuts ... yeah, I know.

* SteelerBill is a little worried about the Broncos game. I'm right there with you, but remember, it could be much, much worse. Here's last year's game thread, and a word from our very own SteelerBill following the loss:
It's about expectations for me. I didn't expect to win the Super Bowl again, I thought we would go 10-6 and go a game or two into the playoffs. To be 2-6 with this talent and play like this is disappointing and frustrating.

Half way through the game (I believe that would mean half time) I turned to my buddy and asked if he thought Cowher would truly leave after a season like this - one look at Cowher's face late in the game - well, doesn't look like he'll be back. I just don't see the same fire in him.
And Jesse wins the Carnac award with the very next comment:
Cowher won't be back, but there's NO WAY they fire him. He'll leave, Wisenhunt will take over (I hope) and with a few draft picks and fewer fumbles we ought to be pretty good next year
See, life really sucked last year. And you know what? The 2006 Steelers are the 2007 Broncos. I think Pittsburgh goes in to Denver and goes all 2005 AFCC. So maybe I'm not as worried as SteelerBill after all.

* Oh, and Eddie B. reports in today's chat that Najeh's little predicament should work itself out. And just in case you haven't seen this.