Thursday, September 20, 2007

Random Stuff

A few things:

* Well, this is about the awesomest thing I've seen this morning.

* I've mentioned this before (somewhere), but Cowher always had his greasy little fingers on Richard LeBeau's defense. My favorite example was during the '04 Redskins game when the defense stopped Washington on three straight goal line plays, and on fourth down, Cowher changed LeBeau's call and ... Patrick Ramsey found Chris Cooley in the end zone. This is all from memory, but I think Cowher later admitted he mucked up. Anyway, knowing that, this isn't all that shocking.

* Speaking of '04, three years ago, the Ravens beat the dog crap out of the Steelers in Tommy Maddox's last meaningful game. Good times.

* Earlier this week, I said I'd love to see Andre Frazier back in the mix, but if he couldn't get on the field in Cincy -- where "defense" is just a word that means "go out there long enough to give the offensive guys a break" -- then he's probably not worth much. But after some thought -- and remembering that Marquise Cooper has been injured for two weeks -- the Steelers don't need Andre to be anything other than a special-teams maniac. Just like he was two years ago. They've got plenty of linebackers -- but you can never have enough lunatics willing to wreak havoc on teams. This doesn't make up for a Chidi-less '07, but it helps.