Monday, September 10, 2007

The Browns Should Be Relegated

I don't want to make to big a deal of yesterday's game; yes, the Browns suck horribly, but that's not really a surprise. Plus, it wasn't that long ago that I was trying to figure out how the hell the Steelers lost to the Raiders. So instead of restating the obvious -- Stains sux, Stillers rulz, I thought I'd take a more nuanced approach. Or, at the very least, avoid ending words in "x" and "z".

The good news from yesterday's beatdown was that there were no serious injuries (I think Deshea had a groin, but no word on the extent), and the offense looked pretty good considering all the o-line concerns heading into the season. (Yes, normal "but it was the Browns" caveat applies, but as Gretz mentioned yesterday, Pittsburgh's just playing the schedule. Enjoy it.)

One of the truly marvelous things about Sunday Ticket is the 30-minute replay, where you can see the entire game, but without the pesky encumbrances of commercials, banal commentary, and waiting for the teams to line up for the snap. Instead, it's just game action, play after play after play. The fact that it only takes a half-hour should give you some indication how the NFL and advertisers are sucking us dry. Anyway, I watched the replay this morning and just focused on Willie Colon, since he's one of the new guys. In the few series I watched, he availed himself nicely, in both the run and the pass game.

The fine folks at Post Game Heroes did more than just eye-ball the action, so if you're looking for the most thorough breakdown ... anywhere, here ya go. And for those of you who hate words, they have some pretty graphs, too. Oh, and they graded Colon out at +2 (four positive plays, two negatives).

In other, random Steelers-game news: Does anybody eles find it mind-boggling that Big Ben only completed 12 passes, and a third of those were touchdowns? Also, who wants some action on this over/under: Willie Parker total regular season fumbles - 214. I'm taking the over. Frankly, I have no idea how to fix the Tiki-itis. I suggested in the comments yesterday that the Steelers should hire Tom Coughlin for the job. Short of that, I guess we just have to live with it.

I mentioned this in my SCI column this morning, but anybody got any thoughts on Pittsburgh's long-term plans for Willie Reid. I was talking to my buddy Andy after the game and he mentioned that Allen Rossum looked good -- as in, he didn't bobble, muff, whiff on an attempts. It's sad that it's come to that, but, well, here we are. I'm a Reid fan, but if Rossum continues not to screw up, I don't see anything changing ... unless there's an injury.

As much as people talk about Ray Lewis -- and as much as Ray Lewis talks about Ray Lewis -- James Farrior has, in my opinion, had a better career the past four seasons. He was robbed of the Defensive Player of the Year in '04, and slipped in '05 (which wasn't all that surprising given how much he kicked ass the year before), and rebounded last year. And yesterday, he was all over the place.

(Though -- and he admitted to as much in one of the local papers -- it was his fault the Steelers lost the shutout. After the Spaeth touchdown but Pittsburgh up 24-0, Farrior dropped a Derek Anderson pass that hit him right in the gut. A few plays later, Vickers was doing a 24-7 touchdown dance. I understand it was the dude's first professional score, but how about a little game awareness. Or not. Just keep dancing.)

Before I forget: Resident commenter and Yankees fan, Tim, gives me the business about my love affair with Ike Taylor. Well, Ike's on pace for 16 picks this year. Thank you, and good night. Or something.

Finally, concerning tonight's Bengals-Ravens game, I'm with Eric:
Tonight is a classic meteor game. As in, the only way I'd consider it a victory is if a meteor hit the stadium while they're playing.
Next week, the Steelers host the Bills, who had some really shitty luck yesterday. Tight end Kevin Everett suffered a severe neck injury in Sunday's loss to the Broncos, so thoughts and prayers to the big guy. Safety Ko Simpson broke an ankle, and cornerback Jason Webster broke his arm. Linebacker Coy Wire, filling in for injured starter Keith Ellison, sprained his knee in the first quarter.

So who knows what to expect Sunday.

Before officially moving on, one last thing from yesterday's game. Here's one of the headlines today on "Offense Determined to Improve." That's a relief for Browns fans, I'm sure. If you want a good laugh, read the whole story. It's sure to brighten your day.