Saturday, August 18, 2007

Preseason Game Thread, Week 3: Washington

It's the third preseason game of the season, and Larry Timmons' won't be wearing his Duce Staley throwback for the first time, well, since minicamp. Yay for that. It sounds like Timmons won't see a lot of action, but just having him in uniform is a start.

For Gary Russell, Carey Davis, Kevan Barlow, Verron Davis, and hell, maybe even Dan Kreider, this is a big game. There's a chance, apparently, that Kreider might not be in the team's long-term plans. And by "long-term", I mean "the next few weeks." I think cutting Kreider would be idiotic, but I thought the Steelers should re-sign Plax and Chris Hope too, so what do I know. If Davis can prove he can block consistently, that'll certainly muddy things up in the backfield.

Whatever happens with the running backs, I'd like to see the offensive line not play like crap -- that would be nice -- and maybe the front seven can get a little more pressure on the quarterback. We'll see, I guess.

If nothing else, let's hope the Steelers play this one for Buzz Nutter. If they can't get up for that, well, the season's already lost.