Wednesday, August 29, 2007

HSS Relocation Program/Game Thread

[UPDATE: Okay, wusses: really weird, uncomfortable pic of Messier/Coleman removed (sorta) for halfro Troy Polamalu photo. Everybody wins. Except Troy.]

HSS HQ is relocating this week, and as such, I will be without internets access starting Friday and probably lasting through the long holiday weekend. If all goes well, I'll be back in my (new) basement, sans pants, next Tuesday. In the meantime, I'll be packing, stressing out about packing, and stressing out about stressing out about packing.

Feel free to discuss why in the world the Steelers could cut Kevan Barlow (he scored a touchdown last week!), why Brian St. Pierre should make the team, what Hines Wards' surgery means for the season, and the Panthers minor league game scheduled for tomorrow night. Catch you nerds on the flip side.