Friday, August 03, 2007

The Browns Being the Browns

First of all, thanks to SteelerBill for the picture. I get the sense that just as this photo was taken, it dawned on WillStill the he's playing for the Cleveland Freakin' Browns. Which promises a professional life filled with disappointments and ... poop. No, really. Welcome to Cleveland, suckers!

I mentioned this in the FO XP, but let me just reiterate it here: I am SHOCKED that Brady Quinn didn't make the Hall of Fame. Yeah, we can argue about Big Ben's omission, but why? Really, I'm tired of making fun of ESPN. It's too easy, never-ending, and frankly, it makes my head hurt.

Instead, I'd like to take this opportunity to announce that my favorite Steelers player (ever!), Ike Taylor, will be a Hall of Famer. Tim is a non-believer, and that's fine, but Tim is also an admitted Yankees fan. He's tainted.

Seriously, it's important to have a different opinion, lest we become a cult or something. Tangentially related to differences of opinion, Ced Wilson has been smacking his gums ... again. Unsurprisingly, he's griping about playing time. To me, this ain't a big deal. Ced's been doing this since he arrived (and was probably doing it in San Francisco, too). On the one hand, I can understand his point: his next contract will be based on his production. If he doesn't product, he doesn't get a contract. Pretty simple.

But it's probably worth pointing out that Wilson hasn't exactly been the most reliable target, either. He's not afraid to drop passes, and sometimes struggles to get open. Most of my vague recollections are from the 2005 regular season, and to his credit, he played great -- along with everybody else -- during the Super Bowl run.

Whatever, Ced can bellyache all he likes. I know Arians likes him, but Santonio Holmes is this team's No. 2, Wally Pipp or not. And after reading the camp reports on Willie Reid, he may not the the No. 4 wideout for long. He'll likely start the season there -- he's got the least experience, the guys in front of him are pretty good, and the team needs him completely healthy to return kicks -- but if he keeps playing out of his mind, the coaches will have to get him on the field.

Okay, feel free to discuss what you hope to learn about the 2007 Steelers in Sunday's Hall of Fame Game. SteelerBill will be there, so I'll expect some action photos and a full game report. Oh, and Ike's getting three picks against the Saints. Put it on the board. Championship.