Sunday, June 17, 2007

HSS Site News

Alrighty folks, it's been two weeks ... I probably owe you an update. A couple of things:

First, AOL is putting together a top-10-athletes-by-city list. I've got Pittsburgh. Obviously, I feel comfortable with the Steelers, but I'd love your input on the Pirates and Penguins (and hell, even the Pittsburgh Passion). So, have at it. [Edit: Because I'm an idiot, I forgot this little detail: players have to currently be on a Pittsburgh sports team roster.]

Second, HSS headquarters is relocating north at the end of the summer. In English: I'm quitting my 'real job' to do this writing thing full-time. I fully expect to be destitute by Week 7 of the NFL season. (On the upside, I'll finally get to start charging for content here.)

Anyway, that means more frequent posts for HSS. Honestly, even though you jerks refuse to pay to read my thoughts your own comments, I really think this is one of the best Steelers-related sites on the intertubes. And that's largely because of reader contributions. Okay, enough with the ass-kissing. Gimme your top-10 list, start thinking about questions you want me to ask Steelers players at training camp (I'm hoping to go back, and hell, I might even talk to somebody this time).

Oh, and thank you Al Gore for this opportunity.